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OpenROAD BatchUtilities

The new OpenROAD BatchUtilities are now available from Christian Delaunay.  These full featured set of utilities will be helpful for any developer or team working on any sized OpenROAD project.

ORUnit - a Unit Testing framework for OpenROAD

Eric Jan Malotaux of Elegant Relational Development b.v. has created ORUnit for the unit testing of OpenROAD applications.  This framework is available from the SourceForge site at

ROADMap - The OpenROAD Debugging Tool

ROADMap - The OpenROAD Debugging Tool, is now available from Jim Antill.  He has made a demonstration copy available for download.

OpenRoad Object Modeler

Jim Antill has sent us a demonstration copy of the OpenROAD Object Modeler application that he is currently working on.  The OpenROAD Object Modeler allows OpenROAD userclasses to be visually created in the form of an Object Model that uses standard ‘OO’ notation

Apertus Systems' Job Intraday Manager

Roger Smith of Apertus Systems Limited in Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham has sent us the Job Intraday Manager (JIM) application. The JIM application allows UNIX job scripts on a UNIX server to be run remotely and monitored from an OpenROAD 4.0 client application.

The standard JIM application can easily be integrated into any existing OpenROAD 4.0 application. A demonstration set of frames and UNIX job scripts are also included to provide guidance through menu frames for starting the JIM application, and the launching of several remote test jobs on a UNIX server.

Object Services Corp.'s OpenROAD Source Code Search Utility

David Tondreau of Object Services Corp. in Herndon, VA, has made available the Object Services Corp.'s OpenROAD Source Code Search Utility.

Apertus Systems' Naming Conventions for OpenROAD

Neil Warnock of Apertus Systems Limited in Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham has made available the Apertus Systems' Naming Conventions for OpenROAD.

L'Oréal OpenROAD Utilities (Version 2)

Christian Delaunay at L'Oréal - DGT P&L Informatique in Paris, France, has released the L'Oréal OpenROAD Utilities (Version 2) for both OpenROAD 3.5 and OpenROAD 4.0.  These utilities add the following features to the OpenROAD development environment:

  • search for text in OpenROAD components
  • export a set of component scripts into text files
  • compilation of a set of components
  • export a set of components
  • simultaneous connections to Ingres databases
  • virtual screen to easily put frames in and out the screen
  • import a set of components from files by drag & drop
  • cut/copy components from one application to another one (even if a different database) by drag & drop

You will also find in the file an export file containing the source code and an simple example of the virtual screen feature used in the utilities application.

Bodo Bergmann's UserClass Browser

Bodo Bergmann has released a new version of his UserClass Browser for OpenROAD 4.0, and has made it available for downloading.

OpenROAD Source Code Management

Durwin Wright of Computer Associates has provided us with a white paper on Interfacing OpenROAD to Source Code Management Systems.

Source Code Tools

Developers spend a lot of time in the OpenROAD Development Environment.  To enhance that Development Environment Bill Collins of Telco Research Corporation has created two tools.  The two tools are a Script Searcher and a UserClass displayer. The Script Searcher searches all the components of an application for specified strings. The UserClass displayer lists the attributes, datatypes, and optionally the script of a UserClass in a nice format for printing or adding to documentation.

System Editors

As an alternative to the Script Editor, you can instruct OpenROAD to use your system editor instead. You can call the system editor by setting the II_W4GL_SYSTEMEDITOR environment variable to TRUE.

There are a number of editors that developers have customized to work with OpenROAD. The following links are for installation instructions and OpenROAD customization files for each editor.
  • Elvis 2
  • IQEdit
  • TextPad
  • UltraEdit
  • VIM

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