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John Bateson, at the Council for The Central Laboratory of the Research Councils, has submitted an example OpenROAD Application that demonstrates how to use a Rich Text File within an OpenROAD frame.

Jacob Marager, an OpenROAD Developer at Bording Data A/S in Denmark, has sent us an OpenROAD to MAPI Mail Utility that he wrote. This application has frames that demonstrate how to handle E-mail from an OpenROAD interface.

Pat McGibbon has submitted his CA-World 2000 presentation An Active X Cookbook for OpenROAD.   The download includes his PowerPoint presentation and two example OpenROAD applications.  You may also view the slides on-line at the CA-World 2000 Proceedings site.

Diego Ramp at Berner Versicherungen in Bern, has created a 4GL Procedure to output a TableField to a Text File.

Christian Delaunay at L'Oréal - DGT P&L Informatique in Paris, France, has created two applications that add three Graphics Features for OpenROAD 3.5 and OpenROAD 4.0.

Ray Murphy has created an example of Incorporating Microsoft Agent Characters in OpenROAD Applications.  This application demonstrates the use of Active X controls in OpenROAD 4.0 to control the Microsoft Agents.

Tab folders, for both OpenROAD 3.5/03 and OpenROAD 4.0, have been developed by Mark Rodgers at Apertus Systems Limited.

The look and feel of an OpenROAD application is the first thing that a user, or a client prospect, sees.  Elena M. Yatzeck, of The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Computing Services, has sent us the school's Look and Feel standards for OpenROAD.

Stephen McCulloch has provided a Windows 95 Screen Print Function. You can download this zip file (about 60K) which contains 2 DLL's, a test application, and a copy of an email message which described the contents.

Bill Collins, with Telco Research Corporation, has provided a frontend frame that may prove useful to many. Here is some information on the utility:

ALTDB_frontend can be copied into any OpenROAD application and allows developers to test their applications against a database other than the development repository without affecting other developers on the system. The frame provides a place to enter a database name, user name/password, and a starting frame to test. Because a starting frame is entered, individual components of an application can be tested without having to go through the application's specified "starting component".

We use the frame with both Ingres and Oracle databases, and it might also work with SQL Server. The versions it has been tested with are:

  • Oracle - 7.2.x & 7.3.x
  • Ingres - 6.4/04-06
  • OpenROAD - 3.0/04, 3.5/03

Elena M. Yatzeck has graciously provided us with a set of simple and powerful tools for handling database transactions inside of an OpenROAD application. For more info, see the Readme file.


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