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Install TextPad

TextPad should be installed on the desired system. The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\textpad 4.

Add the OpenROAD Syntax File

After TextPad has been installed, the OpenROAD syntax file should be placed in the C:\Program Files\textpad 4\user directory. The syntax file is named openroad.syn and is contained in the attached file.
(Modified 29-Sep-1999)

Set TextPad Perferences

Use the TextPad Configuration | Preferences... menu.

Each language (termed a document class) has its own file *.sym. Click the open button to edit the syntax file. The language keywords can be divided into six groups + operators + preprocessor directives.

Select the colors menu item on left to assign colors to defined groups And other non language specific things .

Update OpenROAD Configuration

There are three environment variables that should be set to allow OpenROAD to use an external editor. The first environment variable, II_W4GL_SYSTEMEDITOR, must be set to TRUE, and the second two environment variables, II_WINDOWEDIT and II_WINDOWVIEW, must contain the command to start the external editor, and pass the arguments to the editor. The following lines should be placed in the OpenROAD file.

II_WINDOWEDIT="C:\Program Files\textpad 4\TextPad.exe" -t"%t" "%f(%l)"
II_WINDOWVIEW="C:\Program Files\textpad 4\TextPad.exe" -r -t"%t" "%f"

The percent lowercase T is the title (component name), the percent lowercase F is replaced with the file name, the percent lowercase L is replaced with the line number, and the -r is for read only.

Frequently Asked Questions

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