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Demo Pack 2

I am pleased to announce that the second in the series of OpenROAD demo packs can be downloaded from

DemoPack2 contains two main components:
a) an evaluation copy of a proposed OpenROAD image launcher;
b) a demo showing new KeyPress features available in 4.1 MR.

Neil Warnock   
Computer Associates
Project Leader, Advantage Application Server
tel: +44 (0)113 256 6000
fax: +44 (0)113 256 6222


Title: ORLaunch and JigFall - Demo Pack 2
Product: Advantage OpenROAD Development
Version: 4.1
OS: WIN95, WIN98, WIN/NT, WIN2000
Document Number: 4325
Last Updated: June 7, 2002


ORLaunch is a prototype utility for launching OpenROAD images without the need for a standard runtime installation on the client machine.

A minimal runtime environment such as this can help to reduce the systems administration burden where a large client population exists. It also facilitates both the download and the deployment of OpenROAD applications over a network, including the Internet. In addition, standalone applications, utilities and tools can be delivered with a minimal number of files and no client-specific configuration.

This version is provided purely for feedback and evaluation purposes. As such, certain restrictions apply. These are:

  1. It is for windows platforms only;
  2. It will cease to work after December 31st 2002;
These restrictions will not be present if and when the utility becomes part of the core product.


Jigfall is a simple demonstration application which illustrates KeyPress events and KeyDownData. It is launched from the ORLaunch demo by default. You can control the jigsaw pieces with the keyboard arrow keys.

No existing OpenROAD installation is required for the basic ORLaunch and JigFall demonstrations but a complete demonstration and evaluation will require OpenROAD 4.1 Maintenance Release (OR 4.1/0109).

Feedback is encouraged and should be emailed to

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