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OpenROAD Demo Packs

The first in a series of supplementary OpenROAD 'Demo Packs' can be downloaded from
the CA Technical Support website
It contains simple skeleton (but working) code to drive the Application Server from various
non-OpenROAD clients.

The general objective of the demo packs is to demonstrate the application of selected
new features, new interfaces, and new capabilities *early* and through working examples.

For example, the ever widening integration possibilities with disparate technologies in
the recent past and in the near term future, means that it is impractical to build a full-blown
demo of every emerging client technology into the base product distribution.  We will address this by issuing supplementary demo packs piecemeal, and within a more aggressive timeframe.  We hope this will be a welcome enhancement to the regular eNews and Technical Support articles and will help to get you 'up to speed' on the basics quickly.

Please direct any comments or suggestions regarding the demo packs to me in the
first instance.  A précis of DemoPack1 appears below.  We have some other very interesting demo packs in the pipeline.


Neil Warnock   
Computer Associates
Project Leader, Advantage Application Server
tel: +44 (0)113 256 6000
fax: +44 (0)113 256 6222

Title : Non-OpenROAD Application Server Clients - Demo Pack 1
Product : Advantage OpenROAD Development
Document Number: 4321
Last Updated: April 11, 2002


The Advantage OpenROAD 4.1 Maintenance Release (MR) contains extended client interface functionality that greatly simplifies access to Application Server business logic from non-OpenROAD clients. The webserver ASP demonstrations on the official distribution have already been updated to reflect this. This is an informal supplementary demo pack containing working code samples of some other non-OpenROAD clients that access business logic contained in the standard demo.

Requires Advantage OpenROAD 4.1 Maintenance Release (OR 4.1/0109).

There are four 'bare bones' client demonstrations in the pack:-

    MS Word client - how to drive AppServer from a Microsoft Word VBA macro;
    MS Excel client - how to drive AppServer from a Microsoft Excel VBA macro;
    IIS/PWS client - how to drive AppServer from IIS or PWS web server;
    WML/WAP - as above, but using a WAP enabled display device (eg, PDA or cellphone)


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