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IDL2OpenROAD an Application Server Builder

Kim Ginnerup - Bording Data A/S

IDL is a way to describe an interface or you might say a contract between clients and a server. IDL2OpenROAD generates:

  • an application server based on the IDL-specification
  • an application test-client based on the IDL-specification
  • Tools to analyze performance
  • Reconcile when IDL-specification changes
Download IDL2OpenROAD.ppt

Reflection in OpenROAD

Jesper Nymann Madsen - Bording Data A/S

Reflection allows introspection into the object structure of OpenROAD userclasses at runtime. This opens the possibility to use OpenROAD metadata to develop very flexible and dynamic programmes.
Download RefleksionIngresWorld.ppt

Neil Warnock of Computer Associates has provided us with a number of sessions that were presented at IngresWORLD 2001.

OpenROAD Application Server Hands On Labs

Two one-hour Hands On Training Sessions were presented by Computer Associates at IngresWORLD 15-17 October 2001. This zipfile contains the worksheets, code fragments, test harness and exported components necessary to complete the sessions. Exercises include the following topics:
  • basic installation and configuration of the Application Server
  • configuration and session management using Visual ASA
  • load balancing across multiple installations
  • writing your first server application - 'Hello AppServer World'
  • writing your first OpenROAD and WebServer client applications
  • stateful server applications

Introduction to OpenROAD 4GL Application Server

Presented at IngresWORLD 2001, this is an updated version of the presentation given at CA World earlier in the year. It introduces the concept of n-tiered applications and the capabilities of 4GL Application Server, and describes the scalability and flexibility enjoyed via live case study systems.

Designing for the OpenROAD Application Server

With the advent of the OpenROAD 4GL Application Server, n-tiered deployment is now a reality. This raises some critical design questions such as:
  • How many is n?
  • What should I put in each layer?
  • How thin should my client be?
  • How do I design for multiple client technologies?
  • How do I exploit my existing investment in ABF/OpenROAD 4GL?
This session from IngresWORLD 2001 explores design architectures and considerations, and shows how AppServer deployment of critical ABF/OpenROAD 4GL can provide a quick tactical win without compromising your 'Ideal World' architecture strategy.

Driving OpenROAD 4GL Application Server from a WAP device

These code fragments constitute a simple working demo of 4GL Application Server being driven from a WAP device. It is based on the full blown WML/WAP phone demo shown at IngresWORLD 2001.

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