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     If you're at CA-World 2000 this year, make sure you attend session DNF90S -- the OpenROAD User Group Meeting -- on Monday, April 10, 2000, at 4:30 PM, and pick up your OpenROAD International User Group button (pictured to the left). Elena Yatzeck of the University of Chicago will be chairing this annual meeting. All OpenROAD users are invited to attend this informal user group meeting. Come meet other OpenROAD users, discuss user group plans and activities, and learn how to stay involved all year long!

The OpenROAD International User Group button was designed by Malcolm Thatcher the Managing Director of  Thentec Group and the National President of the Australian Ingres User Group.

I've just seen the preliminary session grid for CA-World 2000, and I'm writing to urge you yet again to attend CA-World 2000. My Computer Associates colleagues on the conference planning committee can attest that I'm not blindly hawking this product--I'm honestly impressed by the looks of the conference and I think you will be too.

CA-World 2000 looks to be a particularly good one for the OpenROAD product. There are currently over 50 OpenROAD sessions on the preliminary plan, including:

  • plenty of help for beginners
  • almost nonstop hands-on labs at all levels
  • advanced sessions by many of our own most respected members
  • sessions covering the new OpenROAD 4.1 features
In addition to this wealth of sessions on OpenROAD itself, there are plenty of sessions on connectivity to popular data sources such as Access, SQL Server, and Oracle, and of course a plethora of talks on Ingres II. And this doesn't even cover the things you'll see on the exhibit floor!

Note that by attending the conference, you will also be able to hear about OpenROAD status and plans directly from John Ainsworth and Durwin Wright, as well as to meet members of the OpenROAD development team. And perhaps most importantly, this is the only place you will ever see such a high concentration of OpenROAD users all gathered together within a few square miles. If you attend the conference, you will receive a CD with the proceedings of all Ingres II and OpenROAD talks.

The reason I'm writing now is that you can save quite a lot of money by using your OpenROAD User Group discount coupon (ask me for one if you need one).  Your coupon qualifies you for a $200 discount. By registering online you save an extra $50 USD off your CA-World 2000 conference registration fee (for a total savings of $250 USD).

If you are interested in attending, please register for the "Databases" Solution Area online at General Registration Form. I have been told that when you go to the registration desk onsite you will be able to pick up an identifying ribbon that says "Ingres Track" on it, to help you distinguish yourself from other Databases Solution Area people.

To arrange hotel reservations, you will need to fill out the form at CA-World 2000 Travel/Hotel. As user groups, the NAIUA and OpenROAD groups have recommended that OpenROAD and Ingres users should all attempt to register at the Monteleone, but we can't guarantee that everyone will be able to. Note that all housing for CA-World is first come, first served, so it is again a good idea to register as early as possible to enhance your experience.

Hope to see you there!

Elena - 28-Jan-2000

Elena Yatzeck, Acting President
OpenROAD Users International

CA-World 2000 Links

Main CA-World:

Ingres/OpenROAD Track Full Agenda:

(provide "OpenROAD Users International" as your user group affiliation, if you are using one of our coupons, and select "Databases" as your primary solution area)

Note that there is a larger list of hotels on another page, but the hotels on the supplied url are the ones available to clients at a reduced conference rate. The official OpenROAD hotel is the Monteleone, although we can't guarantee that you'll get in there.

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