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Chances are that within the next two years, management will be asking you to read from or write to an XML data store. What's more lot's of RDBMS vendors are tooling up their products so that they don't miss the boat and get left behind.Get clued in now with these couple of articles XML Tutorial An online tutorial that serves very nicely as an overview - from Microsoft Online Library "Tag, You're It! Real-Life Stories of XML implementation - from the pages of CIO magazine.

A Procedure to Identify and Fix Longrunning Queriesby Jason Schmidt Comprehensive Consulting Solutions, Inc. "This paper describes the method for detecting, analyzing, and fixing longrunning queries"

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS (DATABASE) PICTURE? (OR WHATEVER IS LEFT OF IT) by Fabian Pascal "The computer industry-- its database sector in particular -- is much like the fashion industry: it is driven by fads. And more often than not it profits from the accelerated obsolescence on which fads are predicated. "

"REVERSE ENGINEERING OF DATABASES" Patrick Doherty discusses the pitfalls of using a tool to reverse engineer an unknown database and suggests some tried and tested methods of doing it manually.

"A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks" While Codd's original paper "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks" has been synopsied in any number of theory books and user guides, I found that it was very interesting to see the original.

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