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Caribou Lake Software
8400 Normandale Lake Blvd.
Suite 920
Minneapolis, MN 55437

tel.  612 921 8330    fax 612 921 8338

Contact: Gil Anderson
Caribou Lake Software delivers custom"mission-critical" RDBMS and Java/Internet solutions for businesses.  Their expert consultants, combined with their suite of leading middleware products (JSQLTM, JsiTM, JsocketsTM) and their selected technology partners, enable Caribou to deploy "serious" Internet applications for their customers. Secure, scalable applications that meet the unique architectural needs of a variety of businesses.
Not sure what the Internet will do for your business?  Trial the technologies by trying one of Caribou's no risk
QuickStart service packages.
They also offer a full curriculum of on-site
Java training courses and mentoring programs.
Headquartered in
Minneapolis, with offices in Milwaukee and San Francisco, Caribou is ready to deploy the resources your business needs to build serious, custom applications to keep you ahead of the competition.  Applications that reduce costs, improve service levels, and provide competitive advantage

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Database Management Technology, Inc. (DMT)
112 W. 9th Street, Suite 500
Kansas City, MO   64105
Tel: (816) 421-3500
Fax:  (816) 421-6328

DMT, a leading supplier of Ingres performance tools, Ingres training, and Ingres consulting and has been Making Ingres Perform since 1988.  Companies and agencies around the world depend on DMT's products and services to keep their Ingres-based systems running smoothly.

DBAnalyzer is DMT's Ingres performance management system providing real-time monitoring, event notification, and historical performance analysis.

DMT offers hands-on training for Ingres system administrators, database administrators, and programmers in the areas of database design, administration, and performance.

DMT also offers short and long-term consulting to help diagnose and resolve performance problems in applications, databases, server platforms, and networks.  DMT's goal is to identify the greatest performance improvements with the least amount of change to the existing system. 

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