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CA World 2000 Update
By Brad Whitlock
NAIUA Program Chair

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While previous CA-Worlds were separated by product-specific conferences, this year the product conferences will be replaced by solution-specific conferences (called Solution Areas for now).  This is intended to better reflect the fact that many job functions require knowledge of more than one product, as well as keeping the conference structure manageable as CA acquires more product lines.

At the bottom layer, the individual sessions, there isn't as much change.  There are still the same tracks of Ingres material that we had last year.  The web site and CD-ROM has had this "Enterprise Management", "Information Management", etc. kind of grouping all along; now it is apparently being made more explicit, and mixing sessions on related areas from different products in the same "tracks"

ALL sessions this year will be held in the Convention Center.  The hotels will be for sleeping and breakfast only.  Last year was Ingres World's first in the convention center, and as a result we received more attendance than were registered for Ingres World.  About 20% of session attendance was from another conference, compared with near zero in other years.  There are 140 session rooms available in the CC, and during most times there were fewer than 140 concurrent sessions going on at all conferences.  The Solution Area approach, crossing product boundaries, pretty much requires this kind of centralized approach.

Hotels have been a major concern for the Ingres conference this year. Unlike past years CA did not designate a conference hotel for Ingres  World 2000. After much phone debate we finally found a block of rooms available in the Hotel Monteleone. This will be the hotel of choice for the NAIUA and will host the popular DMT reception and the NAIUA reception as well.  Rooms are available on a first come first served basis only.  Book as soon as you can. Visit the Hotel Monteleone at

Since everyone will be in the CC most of the time, there are no Club Hours for the WRC.  Instead, WRC hours have been expanded:  Sunday 7-10pm, Monday 11am-5pm, Tuesday 11am-10pm, Wednesday 11am-10pm   Or, if you like, you can consider Tuesday night a Club Hours since there is no evening activity scheduled for that night.  In place of the Tuesday night IT speaker, they are planning a Tuesday morning IT Panel to get interaction between several IT personages.  Sunday is Charles Wang's keynote, Monday is the John Glenn, Wednesday is the WRC event night , and Thursday is the Conference Event night.  Current plans are to have all people at one event in the Superdome, with different activities and areas marked off for the various conferences.

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