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Shameless Attempt to Buy Your Membership

By Loose Lips
NAIUA Gossip Columnist

Remember the discount coupons from last year (shown below at actual size) ? Remember what a pain it was to fax those things to you so you could get your $200 discount ? The good news is that you don't need the actual coupon this year. Just call us for a certified discount number and get $200 off your conference fee.

If you quickly do the math you will notice that buying our very economical $50 US membership will net you a $150 discount to World.

If you register before February 14 you receive an additional $200 US Early Bird discount. If you register online you get a further $50 US discount.

For those of you who have already renewed your memberships, just call,  E-mail or Fax  the NAIUA office and your coupon will be in the mail the next day. The contact information is on the renewal form on page 18.


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Shameless Attempt to Buy Your Membership 




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