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Editor's Corner
By Michael Greene
NAIUA Communications Chair

How's this for a bold new look ? Like everything else in our industry we have decided to take the Newsletter online. This new format will allow us to give you quick access to a variety of web sites which can be used to help you do your job. In addition to our own site most of our vendors have their own offerings, and of course CA has an enormous quantity of material on their site, including their new version of the online Ingres Newsletter. For more details see Page 2.

I am not going to take up much space this issue due to work related issues. I will just remind you that it is membership renewal time, and it is your memberships that allow us to continue to serve you. Please make an effort to renew your membership as early as possible so I don't have to kick Jannette out in the snow.

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Letter from the President
By Chip Nickolett
NAIUA President

With this issue we are moving away from printed newsletters and towards electronically distributed newsletters.  This move is intended to minimize cost, maximize content and flexibility, and ease distribution.  Besides, it is environmentally friendly!  We hope that you will find the new format pleasing. It is one of the changes to stabilize the organization financially.  We have made significant gains in this area and are in a good position at this time.  A year ago we added job advertising to our website (http://www.naiua.org/jobs.html), and just this month we have added links to Ingres product and service providers (http://www.naiua.org/services.html).  We hope that you will find these resources valuable as a member.  While these services only generate a small amount of revenue we feel that they provide an additional dimension to our website that benefits everyone.  I would like to thank our new webmaster, Steve Roper, for his work improving our site.  If you have visited the site lately you will notice that the content is being updated more frequently and the look and feel has changed slightly.

We now face the challenge of increasing our membership.  Our goal is to both provide information to our members as well as being a conduit to Computer Associates for ideas and problems.  CA has been receptive to many of our suggestions and has worked hard to address specific problems that we have brought to their attention.  We believe that the user group must grow and thrive to be as effective as possible in this regard.  If you are reading this and are not currently a member we would encourage you to join.  If you are a member we thank you and would like to remind you to renew your membership in 2000.  Finally, if you know of anyone would benefit from membership in the NAIUA we would appreciate it if you make them aware of our organization.

During our last election we had a referendum question about adding Jasmine users to our organization in some unknown capacity.  That item

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