Ingres World 1999
By Karen Bishop
NAIUA Program Chair

There are a few new twists at Ingres World this year for those of you who are returning. Although the hotel is still the Sheraton, unlike previous years the sessions themselves will be held at the convention center. This will mean more time in the bus commuting to the center than in prior years.

The start of CA World itself will be a little different as well. The standard kickoff has always been a keynote by Charles Wang on Sunday night. This year both Charles and Sanjay will be speaking on Monday morning, followed by the actual Ingres World kickoff speech by John Ainsworth 11:30 on Monday morning.

This year the NAIUA committee will attempt to be more visible, with current president Karl Schendel introducing John Ainsworth and moderating the executive Q&A. As always we will have a booth in the technical campground to provide you with membership information or to help you with any other issues. All of the executive members are veterans of  World. Don't hesitate to use their experience to find help with Ingres or New Orleans in general.

This year we will be having an NAIUA business meeting in the early evening to avoid the conflicts with presentations and vendor shows that we encountered last year. We will have more information about the time and format in the next newsletter. There will also be a meeting of II_USERS, the international users group.

There should be no need to print any agenda information here, because everything is online on the web. We have

2 links to World from our site, or you can go directly to The sessions are filling out nicely with as usual a large percentage of the Ingres sessions by our own Ingres users. Ingres has always had the largest percentage of non-Ca technical presenters at CA-World.

See you in New Orleans

(Continued from page 2)Editor's Corner

without special permits.

I just want to clear up one issue which we get a lot of questions about. The NAIUA memberships have traditionally been a yearly term thing that follow the calendar year of January 1 to December 31.
We do now track the date that you do pay, but administratively it is easier to consider you paid for a particular year. As a lot of members are being paid for by their companies, we know that some will pay at World with their credit cards. The only reason we don't know that some of you paid at last World is because of the office transition.

As always you can contact me at

Feedback and articles are always welcome.

(Continued from page 14)Alpha VMS  Update

pha will  not support clustered Ingres. I asked John Ainsworth about it recently and he said that they were working to get a really stable Ingres 2.0 on VMS first, and would add clustering when this was accomplished.

This was disappointing to me, but I  have been consistently disappointed with the timeliness of releases for VMS anyway. It seems to be a standard practice in our industry today to do first releases for NT, even though NT is still far from ready for 24x7.

I had originally planned to go up to a 1.x version first. However after the initial GA of 1.2 proved to be less than bulletproof I decided to wait and go directly from 6.4 to 2.0

I will hopefully have at least one of my Alphas up to 7.x before the next newsletter. Provided that is the case I will get either a late Beta or an early CA version of 2.0 and put it through its paces.

Feel free to give me feedback on any release or patch of Ingres. I am always interested in keeping an eye on the QA cycle for new releases.

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