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Looking for great food, entertainment, continual partying, and the occasional technical update ? CA World 99 is definitely for you.

This year World has moved back to July so we miss the Jazz Fest. This

sadly means more mindless patrolling of Bourbon Street.

For those of you intending to go, as you can see we have the discount coupons.  If you quickly do the math you will notice that buying our very economical $ 50 US membership will net you a $ 150 discount to World.

If you register before April 15 you receive an additional $ 200 US Early Bird discount. If you register online you get a further $50 US discount.

For those of you who have already renewed your memberships, just call,  E-mail or Fax  the NAIUA office and your coupon will be in the mail the next day. The contact information is on the renewal form on page 18.

We have a freebie this year courtesy of CA. There will be a draw for all members who have paid up by May 1. The lucky winner will receive a free CA World registration .

CA World


At Actual

(Continued from page 11) Frameworks

  • Less resistance to change
  • Rapid implementation of new business processes
  • Robust Applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Ability to meet the requirements of CHANGE

For those of you who think that this is a Utopian dream, something that is deployed on a client that looks a lot like an overhead projector, that the web would never take off, think again!

Prophecy International has created such a Framework -- The Prophecy Object Framework. It is here now as the core of real-world, production-strength, mission-critical applications. And people are using it to build applications in 15 minutes!

Julie Tipton is the Training & Education Manager for Prophecy Americas. Julie has been involved with information systems for 20 years primarily in the fields of education, training and development.

Email - JulieT@ProphecyOpen.Com

Peter Barzen is the Vice President of Customer Services at Prophecy Americas. Peter has worked in a variety of roles in the DP industry for 20 years, an active Ingres user since 1988.

Email -

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