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By the time you leave you'll have had the opportunity to update your knowledge and skills, network with similar users, increase your awareness of CA business partner products and business solutions, and even get an answer to a problem from a CA Tech Support specialist.

So come along, and enjoy three thrilling days of technology!  November 16-18.

worthy of publishing (our news page helps give a quick idea of what has been updated recently).  The URL for our web site is:  

One thing that is always helpful when maintaining a web site is
to get feedback from the users.     If you spot a link that no longer works, or information that is      obviously incorrect or outdated, send some email to  Also if you have a suggestion for something new on our web site, feel free to send it in.  Last, but definitely not least, if you are interested in helping out with these web pages, we would love to
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would definitely benefit from    being redesigned.  If your talents

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