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North American Ingres User Association Tools Archive

The NAIUA tools archive is a collection of things that can make the life of an Ingres user or developer a little more enjoyable. Why re-invent the wheel? Learn novel access techniques! There are lots of reasons to use these tools.

Please contribute to the NAIUA Tool Archive!. Your tool, no matter how trivial, may be invaluable to another.

The Tools

  • abflist

    A form base tool to list abf application and open them.

  • account

    Reports on the users and the amount of time connected to a server.

  • apxe

    APXE.xx files are online versions of Appendix E in the Version 6 ESQL companion guides. There is one APXE file for each ESQL language.

    These programs implement an INGRES terminal monitor with Dynamic SQL. Dynamic SQL is a new Version 6 ESQL feature; it is documented in the Version 6 ESQL User's Guide.

    Under INGRES Version 6, these programs can be preprocessed, compiled, linked and run just like any other ESQL program. The programs prompt you for queries

  • bit_field

    Views and include access and manipulate the bit field in the catalog.

  • btreeof

    Tool to measure the overflow of btree index.

  • cache

    Tool to measure the cache efficiencies.

  • cave

    Submitted by Steve Caswell of The Palmer Group, this tool provides the queries, Windows4GL scripts, and ReportWriter code accompanying the presentation, "Exploring The Windows4GL System Catalog Cave of Wonders" presented at Ingres World '94.

  • db_dict

    Extension to the system catalog table to provide more meaningfull info on table. Tools to generate ESQL code base on info in the system catalog.

  • DBHygiene

    A tunable multi-threaded remodify and optimize system that takes advantage of a multi-processor system and allows the DBA to remodify/optimize only those tables which have been processed since the last checkpoint.

  • elvis

    Apertus Elvis is a `vi like', Ingres aware text editor for MS-DOS. It has been developed from the Original Elvis by Apertus to aid programming of 4GL, especially Windows 4GL.

    Apertus Elvis provides several features to aid the programmer in coding 4GL. Some of these features are:

          Coloured comments;
          Auto comment formatting;
          [[ and ]] understand BEGIN;
          % understands BEGIN, END, IF, ENDIF, WHILE and ENDWHILE;
          Timed saving to a named file;
          Menu driven template loading;
          Automatic alignment on a character (eg =);
          Keyword lookup whilst in insert mode.

    Standard Elvis includes several features that Vi does not:

          `Macro' recording;
          Colour control;
          Extended regular expressions;
          Popup menus;
          Visual selection mode;

    Version 1.8 of Apertus Elvis works with any MS-DOS version above 3.0. It will work with '286 or above PC's.

  • ferret

    The Ferret is a tool which can find SQL statements in Report Writer scripts, embedded SQL/C, database procedures, and ABF/4GL. It produces six reports, plus an optional seventh. The reports generated are: Where Clause Summary, Table/Column Cross Reference, Join Column Cross Reference, Optimizer Input, Error Summary, Warning Summary, and an optional Syntax Error List.

  • forcex

    Forcex a process on a VAX.

  • gbf_device

    Tool to produce GBF device driver.

  • helpfull_hint

    List of helpful hint.

  • ing-www-gsql

    Developed by Gordon Gallagher of King's College London, this tool provides an Ingres backend procedure which, together with the GSQL system, allows WWW browsers to interrogate Ingres databases. Useful for any Ingres-based organizations that wants to permit simple Ingres access from the Internet via WWW.

  • ing-www-perl

    Developed by Johan Montald, this tool provides an Ingres backend procedure which, together with ingperl, allows WWW browsers to interrogate Ingres databases. Useful for any Ingres-based organizations that wants to permit simple Ingres access from the Internet via WWW.

  • ingperl (This is kept fairly current, but you can also go directly to the ingperl source)

    Ingperl is a extension to the perl language that permit access to Ingres.

    As a matter of fact it is a conversion of the Sybase perl extension.

    Originally by Ted Lemon (then known as sqlperl), it is now extended and maintained by Tim Bunce (

  • ingwho

    Submitted by Mark Merrit of EDS, this tool displays the current user sessions in Ingres. It's designed for use in a multi-server environment, but will work with one server. INGWHO can also be used to remove sessions from batch/shell procedures. Now works with perl 4 & 5 as well as Ingres 6.4 and OpenIngres 1.1/04.

  • iqcl

    IQCL a VAX tool to preprocess, compile and link sources files.

  • km_express

    km_express is an Ingres utility that will generate database rules and procedures to maintain referential integrity for defined sets of Tables.

  • list_tool

    A series of short procedure to list useful info from the system catalog.

  • make

    A make like tools for the VAX.

  • misc

    A series of misc. tools for the VAX.

  • mydclgen

    Installed July 11, 1999. Generates symbolic constants and structs to use with embedded SQL C programs.

  • nuke

    Nuke all the Ingres front-end on a VAX.

  • osl-lse

    Extension to the LSE editor for Ingres 4GL, OSL.

  • osq-debug

    A debugger for ABF.

  • other

    Some misc. procedures for the VAX.

  • overflow

    Tool to measure overflow in a table.

  • permit

    Forms-based tool to manage permits (QUEL) on a database.

  • quel_macro

    Some QUEL macros.

  • relstat

    A series of tool that generate info from the system catalog.

  • servers

    This UNIX shell script finds the Ingres DBMS server socket id's and the associated Process Id (PID). It also identifies the archiver and recovery processes.

  • showmem

    This UNIX shell script finds the Ingres shared memory segments and semaphones. It identifies which segments belong to which installation when running more than one installation per machine. It is also useful to check that all segments are cleaned up after a shutdown.

  • stats

    A tool to analyse the info from logstat.

  • tblmnt

    This tool, submitted by Ken Frank, Control Software, Inc., provides the "alter table" capability missing in Ingres 6.4.

    TBLMNT is a program to simplify making changes to the columns in an Ingres database table. It supports commands to add new columns, delete old columns, rename them, resize them, and change null/default attributes.

  • tblscrpt

    This tool, submitted by Phillip C. Brisco and NASA, is primarily useful for adding and removing columns to existing production tables. Includes a 3GL subroutine that saves data from a table to an SQL script file. Includes source for VAX C and VAX FORTRAN.

  • vfs

    A series of tools to improve user navigation in an ABF application.

  • WebinTool

    WebinTool is a generic WWW to SQL-database interface building tool developed at the BBSRC Roslin Institute, UK. This tool was originally designed for the INGRES DBMS, but it can be ported to support other DBMSs (e.g. Sybase, Unify2000) without too much effort.

    WebinTool allows the user to create user-customized WWW to SQL database interfaces through a series of user-defined WebinTool forms. A WebinTool form is a web page template written in HTML, a widely used Hyper Text Markup Language in the WWW world, and webin statements. The WebinTool command processes these forms and produces a resulting HTML document. Whenever the interface has to be changed, only relevant form specifications need to be modified. Therefore, WebinTool provides a framework for both rapid building and easy maintaining of WWW to database interfaces.

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