Minutes of December 18, 1998 Conference Call

Present for call:

CA Discussion

Cathy Garrison introduced herself and discussed her experience with CA (she has been with CA for 10 years working in various positions and locations).
Editor's note: Cathy is the new User Group Liaison, replacing Denise Gormley.

Discussed outstanding membership dues owed by CA from CA-World. Cathy Garrison stated that she was trying to get a check to the NAIUA by the end of the year.

Amy Ludlam asked about coupons that were promised to local user groups (and already promised to some members) for free or discounted admission to CA-World. Cathy Garrison asked Amy to provide a list to her members promised these certificates.

Earlier Mike Greene had requested a copy of OpenIngres Desktop from CA. Deanne McMillan stated that she would be sending this to Mike Greene today.

Discussed the possibility of a meeting of the entire board in Islandia (this is typically done once a year). Cathy Garrison will look into this and report back to the board. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for sometime in April.


Discussed NAIUA Newsletter. Cathy Garrison stated that the mailing is currently at the printer and would be mailed by next Wednesday (12/23/98).


We discussed the idea of an "Associate Member" for people residing outside of North America. These members would be given access to the Members Only section of the website, which includes the newsletters. They would not receive mailings from the NAIUA. It was agreed that the fee for this level of membership would be $25/year. This program is targeted to be announced around the beginning of February, 1999.

Discussed the status of the current membership drive. Changes to the current pricing model were tabled until the next "face-to-face" meeting of the board members (CA-World in New Orleans at the latest).

New Business

There is the need for a dedicated fax number and a new fax machine for the new business office. It was decided that this purchase would be postponed for a month or two until more membership renewal revenue had been received.

Discussed the Top 5 issues regarding Ingres (input for these was also provided by several international user groups).

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