Minutes of November 20, 1998 Conference Call

Present for call:


Brian will look into the status of the newsletter and will send e-mail on Monday November 23 to let us know where it is at this time. Everyone is agreed that we (NAIUA) will try doing the newsletter on our own next time in order to improve turn-around to our members. Mike will look into the cost for the printers in Liverpool, NS.

CA Discussion

Brian will look into the amount of $900.00 for 18 memberships still owed by CA.

Licensing: There have been some problems with the download from TOPS to the new Ingres database. CA management is meeting to discuss the problems with the new "License IT" structure for OpenROAD (as well as other products).

Y2K Compliance:

CA World

Job Listings

There will be a listing sent to Bob from Chip on Monday November 23.

Bob has been talking to Ingres customers regarding job listings on our web site. George stated to Bob that he will be getting back to him regarding a listing.

New Business

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