Minutes of October 23, 1998 Conference Call

Present for call:


There are two available pages for CA to place ads; 25 to 50 copies will be sent to NAIUA Office; a proof copy is not needed for Mike; no date is available for when newsletter will be ready.

CA Discussion

$100.00 Speaker Fee: This fee is only available to user groups who do not receive other funding from CA, and therefore the NAIUA does not qualify.

Status of Ingres II:


CA Membership reimbursement (19 memberships from CA-World '98): Shari Shore needs CSV file of membership to make payment.

CA World

CA World update

New Business

Job Advertising Policy proposal (Job ad has been finalized as of November 6, 1998): It will be available to the public and will start fresh with new ads. All ads will be on file with office (probably for 12 months). Information from old ads free to members and $5 US for non-members (small handling fee to cover our time). Fees will be $150.00 US for initial 3 month ad (includes free membership coupon), $100.00 US for 3 month renewal.

Signature Sheet: Karl and Chip have signed, it is on its way to John and Bob.

NAIUA mailing list: Mike, bulk mailing; Chip for Bulk mailing

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