Minutes of March 19, 1999 Conference Call


(Computer Associates)

Brian Dempster

Marceil Schmidt


Karen Bishop

Jannette Greene

Mike Greene

Bob Griffith

Amy Ludlam

John McKenna

Chip Nickolett


  1. LicenseIT Update (CA). Discussed server side licensing, licensing for VARs, sites w/large #s of servers. Brian did not have much new information. Discussed issues surrounding a fix with regard to getting something into the patch schedule (probably in the July time frame). Marceil will check on "license IT remote" (scaled down version for UNIX). John McKenna suggested that CA send out pre-configured license files based on their licensed products. Brian explained the goal of having generic software to send to everyone and that what they are working on now are finding ways to streamline the process.
  2. Ingres II status (particularly Alpha VMS) (CA). There are a "couple of beta sites with good positive feedback". There is still one outstanding issue that needs to be fixed before the product is "GA Candidate".
  3. Discussed "maintenance QA" procedure and problems that Mike Greene has recently encountered with patches. Marceil will look into the issue. Mike stated that he has also received complaints from international users. Brian is interested in getting specific information on those problems.
  4. Yearly Conference in Islandia (Cathy). Will not be done this year. Meetings to take place at CA World.
  5. NAIUA to go to CARE? (Cathy) Yes. Invitations will be sent.
  6. Financial Status (Jannette). Reviewed financial status. MasterCard & American Express now working. We are in a much better fiscal position than we were a year ago. Karen will look into getting a phone line for online credit card payments at CA World.
  7. Newsletter Status (Mike). We have decided to print the newsletter ourselves this time. Our costs are higher but we hope to get the newsletter out to our members in a more timely manner. We wanted to use color but will go to B&W for price reasons. Consensus was that we would go with color when affordable.
  8. CA World Update (Karen). Discussed schedule changes, the banner, and needs for our booth in the Campground. Business meeting to be held Wed night after BOF (5:15 p.m.) in some type of "cocktail party" setting. Karen will check on time slots & rooms for IIUSERS meeting and OpenROAD meeting.
  9. Web Site Update (Bob). Changeover progressing slowly. Working with Mike Leo on getting the InterNIC records updated. There is still a lot of work to be done. Bob asked for help. Amy and Mike volunteered. The tools archive, board minutes and online select are items that are missing due to the lack of a Members Only page.
  10. Are we doing enough for the membership? (All). Basically the consensus is that we are doing the best that we can, and that the current positive working relationship that we have with CA is benefiting the user community. The LicenseIT issue is just one example of this.
  11. New Business (all). Discussed associate membership for people outside North America. Mike will mention this new offering in the upcoming newsletter.

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