Minutes of February 19, 1999 Conference Call


(Computer Associates)

John Ainsworth

Brian Dempster

Cathy Garrison

Marceil Schmidt

Alison Davis

Doug Thomas


Jannette Greene

Mike Greene

Bob Griffith

John McKenna

Chip Nickolett

Elena Yatzeck

  1. LicenseIT discussion: Marceil Schmidt addressed some of the concerns that had been voiced. One comment she made was that they (CA) were not getting precise feedback on specific problems, making it more difficult to address those problems. She would like to use the NAIUA as a forum for identification and resolution of issues. Elena Yatzeck and John McKenna then discussed specific problems that they had encountered. Marceil stated that there is 24x7 license support that can be used, but the issue needs to be escalated with support. Brian Dempster promised that he would personally handle problem sites and would work through the issues as quickly as possible, doing whatever is necessary to resolve the problem. We were told that the License Group will be contacting sites that were given temporary OLFs (license files) beginning next week to work on providing them with a permanent OLF. John Ainsworth stated that patches would be available soon (next possible patches) to handle server based OR licensing (as opposed to client based licensing (but both client and server will require patch)). The Level II Support group is handling this. John's goal is to have a prototype built and through QA "in a matter of weeks rather than months". Brian Dempster stated that "everyone should have a pleasant experience, and if there is a breakdown within CA then that is something that we need to fix", and then "Marceil and I will take a look at the process". John McKenna asked about the plan to support environments that do not have NT. Doug Thomas stated that a scaled down version of LicenseIT is currently "in the works" for those sites.
  2. Advertising / Marketing discussion: Alison Davis stated that CA is currently advertising Ingres II in Australia and the UK (started last month) and that ads will be starting in March in North America. CA is also looking into publications to advertise in next quarter. CA stated that they would provide resources (Technical and Marketing) for user group and vendor newsletters.
  3. It was announced that the hotel for the Ingres Conference at CA World is the Sheraton. User Group Presidents are being asked to stay at the Hilton since the Care Conference will be held there.
  4. We discussed newsletter schedule. Our target will be March 5th as last submission date and March 15th as initial mailing date.
  5. John Ainsworth provided a status update on Ingres II releases for various platforms.
  6. There was a discussion regarding finances: We are still having problems collecting payments made with MasterCard. VISA is OK. American Express is causing an even larger problem. One option to resolve the issues is to charge Canadian Dollars to MC and AmExp. Since there might be a minor discrepancy in charges to U.S. members due to the exchange rate (estimated to be +/= $.50 U.S.) we agreed that this would be acceptable provided that the member was notified in advance of this issue and that they agreed.
  7. There was a discussion regarding outstanding issues with our website.
  8. Mike Greene asked about the status of an April conference in Islandia. Cathy Garrison stated that she has not heard anything else about this matter but will find out and provide an update by the 1st week of March.
  9. There was a discussion about the current membership drive. We will mention the CA World savings coupons in the next newsletter. We will also pick a (paid) member at random for free admission. If that person has already paid they can call the CA World hotline and their conference fee will be refunded.
  10. New Business: Cathy Garrison will check to see if a board member who is not the President and not a conference committee board member can attend the Care Conference.

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