Minutes of January 15, 1999 Conference Call


(Computer Associates)

John Ainsworth

Brian Dempster

Cathy Garrison

Marceil Schmidt


Karen Bishop

Jannette Greene

Mike Greene

Bob Griffith

Amy Ludlam

Chip Nickolett

Karl Schendel

Elena Yatzeck


Mike Leo

  1. Karen Bishop stated that there was no new information on CA World.
  2. John Ainsworth provided a status of the Ingres II releases. Most popular platforms are complete with a few (like Sequent and Solaris x86) still in QA. Both the DEC Alpha VMS and VAX/VMS releases are still in Development QA and should be available sometime in Q1 1999.
  3. John Ainsworth addressed some aspects of Ingres II pricing concerns. He stated that existing Clients would be able to purchase new/additional Ingres II licenses under their current licensing scheme (which may be cheaper than the new pricing structure).
  4. The Y2K custom compliance statement was discussed. Marceil Schmidt stated that this is "a big legal issue" and that "the process may take 3-6 months" to complete. She suggested that affected sites escalate the issue both through their sales channels and through Brian Dempster.
  5. There was a brief discussion of the Ingres II marketing and associated issues and/or concerns.
  6. When asked about OpenIngres version 2.5 (or its Ingres II equivalent) John Ainsworth stated that it was "code complete and in early QA". He stated that there would be no changes to the TID, and that this version would provide large file support.
  7. Cathy Garrison stated that the check for CA paid NAIUA memberships (from CA World) should have already been mailed out.
  8. There was a long discussion about the NAIUA website initiated by the recent loss of service (and data). It was agreed that Caribou Lake would host the NAIUA website. It was also agreed that all current job advertisements would be extended 1 month for free due to the inconvenient loss of service. It was also decided that pictures of board members would be added to the website. Mike Greene offered to assist Bob Griffith with website administration. We discussed the many benefits to this move and opportunities to update the website.
  9. Jannette Greene provided a membership update. It should be noted that there was a delay in collecting membership funds paid via credit card since we are currently waiting for certain legal documents.
  10. NEW BUSINESS: None at this time.

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