North American Ingres Users Association

Worldwide Ingres User Groups

Ingres Users around the world participate in many Ingres User Groups. At Ingres User Group meetings, people from different companies and institutions meet to further understand and better use the Ingres products.

North American Ingres Users Association

For over a decade, Ingres World conferences have been a product of the North American Ingres Users' Association. The NAIUA is a world-wide Ingres users group, with limited membership available for Ingres users outside North America.

Besides the NAIUA, dozens of local and regional Ingres user groups exist. The NAIUA affectionately calls these LUG/RUGS.

II_Users (International Ingres Users Association)

II_Users is an international confederation of Ingres User organizations. The representatives to this group are recognized leaders of their own national users group. Many countries are already represented on II_Users and they would like to have as many as possible included.

If you would like to learn more about II_Users or learn how to have your country represented in this group, follow this link: II_Users Web Page

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